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About Our Owner Chef Ray

Aztecas Margarita Bar & Grill is a local, family-owned restaurant founded by Chef Ray. He was originally born and raised in Mexico City, but came to USA at the age of 14 with his aunt and uncle, leaving his sisters and mother behind, to get a better education and help his family.

Ray started working around the age of nine to help his mother provide for the family. At the age of 14, his uncle got him involved with Aztecas Boxing to ensure Ray's path would be on the straight and narrow, and enable him to make brother-like friendships with his fellow boxers at Azteca's. While Ray was at Azteca's, his boxing friends helped him learn English and helped with his homework so he could make it through school. Ray's hard working spirit continued and strengthened while at Azteca's and he won the Golden Gloves Champ title 2 years in a row.

After gaining huge success in the boxing industry, he decided to make his dream of opening an authentic Mexican restaurant a reality by attending culinary art school. He chose the name Azteca's in honor of his adopted boxing family. 

In 2009 when there was a fire at the restaurant, but Ray's never give up spirit perservered when they reopened it the same year. Ray, his loving wife Teresa, two sons and daughter (Jonathan, Nathaniel and Ali) have been successfully running the restaurant since 2001. 
At Aztecas Margarita Bar & Grill, we use only family recipes and local ingredients to prepare our authentic Mexican meals. You can also schedule our catering services, but we'll require a prior notice of one week. Enjoy FREE parking, FREE Wi-Fi and large-screen TVs in our restaurant. Visit us at 45581 Mound Road or call us at586-803-0474to learn more. Se Habla Español!
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